Hi everybody! My neck pick up on my shedevil guitar and was wondring what set up would be better. I have a spare emg 81 and a 85 and my question would be should I just switch out my dead hb-105 neck with one of the emgs and leave the hb-105 in or should I just drop both the emgs in? Any help would be appreciated! Oh I play mostly killswitch kinda stuff and some blues here and there. Thanks!
I'd say you put both the emg's. i mean, if you've got the stuff,why not take advantage of it?
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put the 85 and save the 81 for another guitar

This. It means you'll have more versatility for metal & blues.
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Not to mention the mother of all wiring headaches

TS, either put both EMGs in or don't bother. Your neck pickup is not "dead", you just have dodgy wiring or a dodgy selector switch.
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