hey guys, only my second post so go easy one me
i just got a washburn t12 for christmas and was wondering how good quality these are?
i never understood posts like this.

you've got the guitar, what can you do if we tell you it's ****. you're the guy holding the guitar, shouldn't you be telling us the quality of it?

T12's are ok, i wouldn't buy one myself but there's nothing really wrong with the ones i've played
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yeah you're right, but this is the only bass i've ever owned so i really don't have anything to compare it to.
then go to a guitar/bass shop and try out some other models. It will give you a feel of the quality of your current bass, and help you figure out what you may want to get in the future. Thats if you plan on playing for more than a week.

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I'd prefer an Ibanez, but a good bass- Washburn are a little underrated.
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I have a Washburn XB-100 and it's pretty disappointing...but then again I did pay $60 for it.