i think iv heard a bit of stuff about them at shops and stuff, but yeah, i wanna know if they are decent from an un-biased (non shop owner) and which one is the best.

i think the main brand is line 6, being under the name of toneport.

this is what im hoping for.

a simple interface (usb or firewire, it doesnt really matter. i get no latency without an interface, but even with latency, i dont mind correcting it)

so i mainly wanna use it for pluggin my electric straight in, and then getting my tone on the computer. it would be awesome to get a great tone, but even if its ****, its main use is gonna be me jamming to myself for practise.

so i heard of "gearbox" i think it was called. and that would be perfect.

does that come with the tone port?

i also record vocals, acoustic guitar (through a condernser) and mic up my amp sometimes.

which interface would you recomend? and what software does it come with?

how much would it be in austrailian dollars? cause i dont wanna fork out heaps and heaps, for something ill be using mainly for myself.

Gearbox comes with the TonePort which isn't an altogether crappy solution if you're just interested in throwing together a few demos at home. The modeling is good when it comes to guitar and bass, decent for the mic preamps. I think it comes with Live Lite but I'm not sure. If it is Live it's definitely not the best recording app out there but it should get you from A to B.
I just recommened the TonePort to another guy on here, from my experience Gearbox and the Tone Port are excellent pices of kit if your looking to break into recording. I really do recommend you look into a UX interface, you get dozens of pre amps and amp models, endless possbilities and you get studio quality sound.

I made this using only the amp models and effects that came with the Tone Port:


I think it sounds pritty damn good, i didnt have any problems with noise or latency, best buy i ever made. Im going to buy the new version soon, Gearbox has been ditched for Pod Farm i think, i havnt tried it sounds good. Hope that helps
: )
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so do the line six products still come with "gear box", or has the software they come with been replaced by "pod farm" ?
you can get the old ones still with gear box, but its going to be at a super low price.
the old ones are the ones that have red on the bodies. side note: these arn't vista compatible as far as I am aware.

The new versions come with pod farm. They are solid black.