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I'm looking to buy a guitar for playing mostly metal type songs and need it to have 24 frets, a floyd rose and a thin neck. I want to spend no more than around $1000 AUD (~$700 USD). The only guitar I've played and considered buying so far is the ESP LTD M-100FM. I've been searching the net for other guitars and I then started to check out the ESP LTD KH-202, this cost a couple hundred dollars more but has better pick-ups (EMG-ESP LH-300's instead of LH-150's). I then found out the KH-202's are now made in China. Unless this guitar sounds truly exceptional, I can't see myself paying that much money on something made in China. I then stumbled across a Jackson Pro Series DK2M in the Snow White colour and it looks great. It's also made in Japan and boasts two Seymour Duncan humbuckers for the same price as the KH-202.

So I'm wondering if anybody owns or has played a Jackson DK2M and can tell me how it stacks up against similar guitars of that price. Also, if anybody else knows of any other similar guitars I should have a look at feel free to mention them.

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It would b good if u could stretch to 1600AUD then u could buy a propper jap made ibanez shred monster. For under 1000 bucks your definately going to strugle to get a quality non chinese made instrument. And I think with a floyd rose u definately wont find anything quality under 1000 bucks. All the ones up to 1k will have weak cheap bridges that will go out of tune. Definately save another 500 bucks then u will open up you choices to quality jap made fr equipped jacksons and ibanez's that will last a life time rather than a few years
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Get a Jackson DK2M

Excellent pickups, good tremolo, sexy looks.

Made in Japan.
What about a Ibanez Xiphos?

I find it to be an excellent guitar.
And before peoples start to give me crap about the edge III. As long as you know how to really set up a trem and use at least 3 springs (might ad a 4th if you drop tune) it is a good trem.

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The Australian markup on musical items is ridiculous, it's going to be hard to find a guitar like that for only $1000, your best bet is to go to Billy Hyde wherever you can find it and look at the Schecter guitars there, they're built with high grade components and are priced incredibly cheap compared to the other guitars with the same hardware.
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Get a Jackson DK2M

Excellent pickups, good tremolo, sexy looks.

Made in Japan.


Although prefer rosewood or ebony to maple.
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Go with Ibanez...Or if you're going high-end, get a Jackson.
Thanks for all the responses, I've been back at school so I had kind of forgot about this thread until now.

XianXiuHong is right on the Australian markup. Alot of the Ibanez's and LTD's etc. with similar US prices to the Jackson are anywhere between 50% to twice as much as the Jackson here in Australia.

I actually called all the music shops in my area and Billy Hyde were the only one able to get a DK2M in anytime soon. It then turned out that they didn't have one and I was going have to wait until late March early April for the '09 stock to arrive. I put a deposit down anyway because they initially quoted me $970 and had to sell me the '09 stock at the same price even though they now retail at $1500. Good news is they've found one somewhere and I can pick it up today. If I don't like it (I still haven't even played one yet) I can get my deposit back as store credit and look at some their Schecter's.

Anyways, I got to go and try this baby out.