Alright, here is the deal: Over the past three weeks or so, I have had little to no motivation to play my instrument, the little times I have picked up my instrument I find that I get frustrated and aggravated when I'm not playing what I want to or not as good as I am used to. I've been playing for three years or so and this problem hasn't popped up in the past. I Don't want to neglect my music because I love it (yes very piss weak) and I have no real idea about: A)What caused this sudden loss in motivation and most importantly B) How I get BACK the motivation to play.
Got no clue so I'm calling on the collective Knowlege of the many fine musicians of Ultimate Guitar Forums.
'Sup my fellow young parson's. I too am so on the go that i drink my yogurt from a tube.
Maybe it could be stress-induced? Look at what's going on in your social, professional, ane personal lives. Maybe something in one of those are throwing you off.

What I usually do when soemthing like this happens, is I learn a song. Something easy that I like. That way I know I at least can do something and am better than I was when I first started. Then I slowly start ramping up the difficulty.