I used to speak my mind freely and make witty comments allllll night long.

but than i got banned once for reasonable reasons. Got over it. Than i got banned again like two weeks after my first bannage was done, it was a harsh punishment. For what though? ruining a guys thread. It was a piece of **** thread and i ruined it without effort.

I found after getting banned the first time that pit had acquired itself a certain few soft vagina's, soft vagina's that would report people. So i just stopped posting as much since. So this comes to my conclusion. That the chains that hold this place from falling into a hole should not be tighter or loosened, but people should be banned for being " bitch niggas". Snoop Dog himself said it best, " you act like a bitch, you get slapped like a bitch"

Now maybe they should not be banned for such a lengthy period, or banned at all. But they shouldn't be tolerated or encouraged. Don't take this literally, but the Pit need to grow some balls. There is a fine line between individuals that make a forum great, this line clearly evident in the Metal Forum, for they are complete assholes and everyone should hate them for ruining an excellent forum.

So for those lazy guys who just skip to the end of the thread, here it is.

Stop Reporting people and reply with funny remarks that would make our pit forefathers proud god dammit.
And your opinion matters because you've been such a great user that's never been banned for a good reason... oh wait...
This is not a pipe