I am a bass player who plays with his fingers and i am in speed metal band. The problem i have noticed with my right hand technique is that when i play fast songs the bass tends to rattle and make a clicking sound which causes problems recording bass and my overall tone , so i was wondering if anyone knew of a way that i can get round this without playing with a pick.

raise the action on your bass or play softer and turn up your amp
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is your treble knob on 10 by any chance ?

This. Lower your treble settings, that'll keep the clicking down.
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lower the treble setting would give a much different tone, im guessing you would still like to keep the clarity and punch of ur bass?
ur either plucking too agressively or plucking towards the body of the bass, and plucking near the neck.
pluck as close to the bridge as possible and try not to pluck the strings towards the body as you play.
a good compressor can make the clicking softer. also i have this problem sometimes. i just had to learn to play softer. I get it mostly on the E string.
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Play softer and make sure you hands are loose. One of the things that a pro once pointed out in my playing that caused unwanted tone and clicking, is that when I played fast I tensed up my hand and arm, which causes one to play more staccato and far more aggressively than you need to.