As I woke up in a hot sweat

Beads of power on my mind

Looking at my friends and wondering which exit will be mine

I make my way to the window

Looking out to hear what’s past

Knowing now, that later, my memories will pass

No more reasons in my mind

No more thoughts I left behind

The class of A my friend has found a home and won’t leave me behind

These dark clouds I feel before me

Hiding truths and dares or not

I can’t help wondering, is it ever gonna stop

I think I know now why I do it

The fun, the criac , the sex , the pain

I can’t wait till the weekend and I’ll do it all again.
I think it should be 'wake' in the first line, not 'woke'.

I couldn't really gather what this was about, it seemed alright though.
have you never woke up in a strangers house after a hard night out and feel like the song says?????
ya same ^ dont really get it, and its present tense so it is 'wake'
uhm rhymes seem a little weak, mind with mine, past with pass, and behind with... behind.
work on less obvious rhymes and rhyming schemes and you'll be on the right track
No, I've never woken up in a strangers house before, and I don't ever plan to.

And yeah, I didn't notice it at first, but I have to agree with stephen_rettie about the rhyming. There could be other things I havn't picked up, should be off to bed.
*reported* read the faqs man.

limit to one piece a day, two a week and all pieces need to be titled (or at the very least "untitled")

this will probably get closed.
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