Hey guys!
Was thinking about maybe getting some customized earphones depending on what the price is and if it's worth it, else I'll wait getting them. So my question to you guys is, do you recommend any customized earphones, brand? model? where (I live in Sweden so you don't really have to answer that Q :P ) and how can you get them done? What the price around?

thanks in advanced /José
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I have Ultimate Ears by M-audio.
They were originally designed for Van Halen's live stage monitoring, but you can get them at most music stores now. They are cheap in comparison to Bose's overpriced in-ear phones that aren't that great. These are awesome, check these out. Totally worth it.

EDIT: Here's a link:
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just get a good pair of headphones and stick Comply tips on them, you squeeze them and they will expand in your ear, so its pretty ear customized.
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