Spleen Arcana is my musical project, kind of a one man band. A friend recorded the drums, and I played the other instruments (guitar, bass, keyboards, mandolin & bodhran).

It's a kind of progressive rock with vintage sounds (Mellotron, Hammond, Minimoog) with heavy and soft/atmospheric parts.

My first album is available for free here: http://spleenarcana.bandcamp.mu

My website: http://www.spleenarcana.com

Thanks for reading/listening!
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Hi everyone!

I'm glad to announce you that The Field Where She Died is now available on CD in Spleen Arcana's shop just here:

a "retro" jewel case version for cd lovers

Some reviews:

Thank you for your interest & support!
Hi everyone!

I started some weeks ago the recording of Spleen Arcana's second album

I write a studio diary here : http://www.spleenarcana.com/category.../second-album/ where you can watch some videos of the work in progress

Thanks to your support, I hope to take the independant road again and self releasing it.

Still a lot of keyboards and guitars to record, as the drums and vocals (recording planned in August) but the songs don't sound like demos anymore and features a lot of mellotron and changes

Don't forget to subscribe to the newsletter to be kept informed : http://www.spleenarcana.com/newsletter-subscription/

Thanks for your interest