It's difficult to crit something so out there and experimental - it really boils down to personal opinions and taste. I'll give it a go anyway...

I really liked the song I heard (meetings of the meek) but it felt like just when I was getting into it, it would abruptly stop and change direction. This is probably what you were aiming for - a kind of disjointed, almost asymmetrical feel to it - but it was rather distracting at times. The same can be said of the rythym of the song - sometimes it barely seemed to be holding together and then it would come back from the brink and into time again. Really interesting music.
ah, i can see what you mean.
I'm not going for an experimental thing, though i can see why you'd say that
thanks for the comments
those last 3 words really made my day lol
The second part kind of sounded like Neutral Milk hotel until you started adding in so many notes. Try and just establish a melody with that tone and stick with it. I can't really understand at all what your saying and it gets kind of annoying but I think that you really captured the idea pretty well. I Like the whole wall of sound and noise, I've always been a fan of that stuff but it seems like you have to at least keep a melody over it.

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