I found an ad on Kijiji for an Ibanez Strat copy for $100 CAN. The seller doesn't seem to know much about guitars. I emailed about the condition so I'm still waiting for a reply on that. Does anyone know if it's a good guitar for the price? I'm not really interested in playing it, I'm just thinking of buying it and then clean it up a little and sell it for more.

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I wouldn't call it a steal, but it seems like a good deal. I'd research that model. Ask the guy for the serial number.
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i don't know how much you'd be able to flip it for- i've seen MIM strats go for 300 here in toronto
if he doesn't know much about guitars tell him to take more off for the cost of the strings.
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Looks like they go for about 100 used, so I wouldn't say a steal.
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