I've been looking at lot's of schecter models. The two that have mainly caught my eye are the Hellraiser C-1 and the C-1 Classic. The Hellraiser C-1 has EMGs, with the push-pull coil taps. The C-1 Classic has Seymour Duncans. I was just curious as to which sound better on Schecter guitars. I do not know much about Schecters and I'm not sure if there is maybe an "accepted" kind of pickup that sound better on them. I have a Fender Tube amp, not sure if that makes a difference or not.
For modern metal the EMG's are accepted to be better, the Duncans would be good for a hard rock sound, such as Van Halen and Zeppelin
i have the c7 blackjack... it has duncans on it. i couple it with a pod 2.0 and its good to go... one of the most awesome tones i have come across of late if i could say so for myself... i have a friend who has a custom made with emgs on them and it sounded a lil noisy... so... i dont know.. prefer the duncans personally
if you like playing metal, and metal only, active pups (EMGs) woulb be the better choice If your amp is TUBE.

if you play other than metal, and/or your amp ain't a higgh gain tube, then i'd go with passive pups. if the duncans on the C.1 Classic are not high output and you like metal, you can change them.
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