Hey do you guys know any bands like Guns N Roses, that are appropreate for a tweleve year old. If so, what is their best songs? Thanks, Gnr2929
velvet revolver? they had slash in...

but not my type of music so coulnt really be definitive
I'm not sure how GnR "like" you'd consider them, but if you want to expose a 12yr old to some good clean (no profane or questionable content lyrics) I suggest Alter Bridge.for song suggestions, metalingus, one day remains, watch your words, ties that bind, white knuckles, coming home, come to life. those are their harder songs. I also suggest the title track of their second and most recent album, blackbird (if you like november rain by gnr, blackbird may be up your alley).
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You're 12? Camp Rock man. Excellent stuff.
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He's not 12 you n00bs. He's obviously a dad who is into GNR, but his son isn't. So he wants to introduce his son to music they both might like, hence, "Like GNR."

All twelve year olds like Soundgarden.
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