My god this is terribley sudden. I knew he had been ill for a long time but I didn;t expect him to pass this soon.

I just got Solid Air about a month ago and I must agree that this is a huge loss to the musical community.
Me and my Dad were talking about him when we were watching him on a programme about rock/guitar music. He told me he was his late colleague from work's favourite artist and had one of his songs played at his funeral.
Matyn was a great guitarist from what i heard.
I know, I am really schoked to hear this, I've only heard one song by him, something like Small Hours or somthing like that, He really was a great guitar player.

R.I.P dude.
Very sad news. An incredibly talented man who will be missed. His legacy, influence and, most of all, his music will live on.

RIP John Martyn.
Is there any good news out there today?
Scarred for life!

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I guess god needed a singer
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being a musician is bad for your health. Im absolutely gutted about this.
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i need to bump this or im going to lose faith in humanity. guess he wasnt that well known
I've been listening to his music all night
Recently chose to see Opeth over him (though I didn't know he was playing till after I'd bought my Opeth ticket)

Somewhat regretting it now

RIP John Martyn
An inspiration to many

The song 'A Little Strange' has been my favourite for a long time, or 'Over the Hill' I think it's called
have to say i probably would have chosen opeth as well but they are very good also.
this sucks to the extreme...such a sad death, and not that old either

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this sucks to the extreme...such a sad death, and not that old either


well i think 60 is the life expectancy for males in glasgow.