so I've got an old silvertone strat that I decided to work on and try to get set up nicely. there seem to be a couple of problems though. first off, I loosened the truss rod a little bit to straighten the neck out, then went to loosen it again and it seems that the nut for the truss rod is loose. I can't really see down in there to tell if the rod itself is messed up, but the nut to it is definitely loose. secondly, there has always been a slight bow in the neck near the nut and I'm not sure if that's the way guitars normally bow (i.e. the strings are about half a centimeter above the last fret, yet almost touching the first fret). plus the neck seems to be slightly warped to one side near the nut, which I figured contributed to the bow and ultimately the rest of the problems. when I loosened the truss rod, it fixed the warp to where it's now barely noticeable, but I'm sure it's still a problem and probably difficult to fix. I've adjusted the action to normal height but get some buzz on the lower strings at the first few frets. I would take the guitar to a pro, but it's a cheapo and not really worth it. I mainly just wanted to get some more experience doing it myself and attempt to make it a decent working guitar if possible. but are the problems I mentioned able to be fixed easily, or should I just forget about it? any help would be greatly appreciated, and I hope this isn't too confusing.
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