Yeah I realise there's a dedicated thread for tuning but whatever.

The problem seems to be the metal thing at the bottom (Don't know the name) near the pickups. After I've finished tuning that metal think leans forward horribly, untuning all of the other strings. After repeated attempts I just can't configure them to work correctly.

My guitar is an iBanez G10 if that helps
does it have a tremolo? more specifically, a floating tremolo?
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Sounds like you need to adjust your tremolo. If the bridge pulls out of the body, you need to tighten the screws behind the backplate. There are plenty of tutorials on how to do this on here and youtube as well.
the metal thing is called the bridge.

i'm assuming it looks similar to this?:

if you look in the back cavity, you'll be able to see that theres springs that counter the pull of the strings. this makes the bridge what we call a 'floating tremolo'.
the tension of the springs should be equal to the tension of the strings when tuned. I say SHOULD, because, as in your case, its not always the case.

when your properly tuned, the bridge is pulled forward. that tells me that the strings are pulling harder than the springs, so you need to increace the tension of the springs. if you open up the cavity in the back of your guitar where the springs are, you'll see the springs attached at 2 points. one is a block looking thing with holes, and the other is a little metal thing with hooks for the spring to be attached to. the little metal thing is on the neck side of the cavity, and screwed in with long trem screws.

you can either increace the tension by tightening these screws further into the body, or you can add more springs. look for the new and improved FR set-up thread. theres everythingthig you need in there.

as far as the de-tuning, though. thats just a downside of a floating trem... if one string is tuned to pitch, and you're tuning another string up, its putting more pull on the string side of the bridge, pulling the bridge forward, making the pitch of the first string lower. it just takes some practice and a bit more time, but you'll get completely in tune eventually