Im currently at school in the last year here in the UK, which means im 15 going on 16 and i think its about time to decide what i want 2 do with the rest of my life. Ive only just started to learn to play the guitar over the past year, as much as i'd like to become famous playing guitar, i dowt it will happen, although i will still try. I need a plan on what im going to be doing when i leave school and i think sound engineering sounds cool, but im going to need help answering these questions.

1. How much is likely to be paid over the years? (dont want a job where i'll be getting paid 20k for the rest of my life, 20k to start off with is quite good though)

2. As a sound engineer what jobs would i exactly be able to acquire from leaving college?

3. Are these jobs easy to find?

Just really need help on understanding this

Any help is some help, Thanks
1. You get progressive pay rises
2. No one will take you on if you have an A level in music tech and nothing else, nor will they take you seriously if you get a degree in media studies. Look up technical colleges that teach you how to use the necessary equipment etc after you finish post 16
3. No, it'll be very competitive.
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