Two videos about this "amazing" ecape from prison

Two New Zealand prisoners who were handcuffed together as they fled a courthouse foiled their own getaway when they ran to opposite sides of a light pole, slammed into each other and fell to the ground. Jailers nabbed them as they struggled to their feet.
Lightpoles save the day!

It should get a medal.
"Each guy blames the other for hitting the pole" lmao!
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Wow, how cartoon-esque!

I was thinking the same thing. No way in hell did I think people were dumb enough to do this in real life. Proven wrong again.
They should have flying, there are no poles to hit when you are on the air
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hah hah. The light should be given the key to the city like in the Simpsons when the rod is given the key instead of homer.
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i saw this on the today show. still hilarious!!!!!
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amazing...so flight of conchords does tell the truth about new zealanders, they are slow.
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that is hilarious
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Bravo! Encore!
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So a light pole did what prison guards couldnt xD

they should have lightpoles EVERYWHERE and crime would take a fall.... or altleast in New Zealand lol
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I think the mythbusters should check this out, then blow it up somehow.

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So a light pole did what prison guards couldnt xD

they should have lightpoles EVERYWHERE and crime would take a fall.

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