Okay, I need some help here. The neck pickup on my XV820 sounds kind of naff through my AD30VT's models and just about anything I put it through, it's way too low gain to make a fuzz sound like a fuzz. I was trying the same Fuzz pedals through a Yamaha Pacfica and they sounded way better.

I was thinking of getting this -


However, I was also thinking of getting a clean boost as I just don't get enough gain. Now don't get my wrong, I wouldn't have gotten a Telecaster if I didn't like the vintage tone, but my favourite tones on my AD30VT were gotten by driving the cleaner amps.

It's very important for me that I keep that vintage twang in the bridge. So I was wondering whether this would be a good idea:


It'd give me the higher gain I need, but would it really give me that vintage twang? I'm unsure whether to be a single coil elitist here. A lot of my favourite tones are single coils, and I kind of wanted a single coil guitar. But if those buckers just sound like noiseless, higher output single coils, does it matter that much? When I want a humbucking guitar I can get "proper" modern sounding buckers.

Ideally I'd like my bridge to sound as much like Daniel Ash's tone as possible, I'm guessing he had a mid to late 70s Standard Tele. I like using that tone as a base. It's just a tough tone to nail, so I get the feeling if I nail it, I can get most of the tones I want. Maybe I just need a new dirt box though.

Maybe I should get the rail pickups? Or maybe just a higher gain Single coil? Maybe having a bucker in the neck will still let me get those single coil sounds but with higher gain at the neck? Maybe it'd be best to swap the neck pickup and use the mid, noise cancelling position for higher gain sounds?

Opinions & Sound clips please.
So, what do you want out of the neck pickup, specifically? Do you want the jangle telecaster tone or do you want something that's going to push an amp harder? It's hard to find a good middle ground, but an overwound vintage style tele neck pickup should get you close.
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I want both, really. I want a more modern tele sound instead of the quiet, muffled vintage one. I definitely don't get "Jangle" the way it is, and I'm pretty sure anything that jangles would be higher gain.

It's a tough choice alright though which I want to emphasise. Either way I know I want something a little higher gain(maybe 7k), and with more character.
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