Any suggestions on a nice practice amp? I am a beginner currently using a Squire BP 15 amp with a cheap SG copy. The amp was given to me by my cousin so I've been using it for a month or so even though it's designed for a bass. Would getting an amp designed specifically for guitar make much of a difference? I don't need anything super nice...would like to spend under $200...new or used doesn't matter either. THANKS!!!
it's a little bit pricier than what you're looking for, but when you consider all the effects, drum loops, in-key accompaniment, and other features....a g-dec 30 is a pretty awesome deal for around $270. a great starter amp.
I'd say the Vypyr 15w as well. But also look into a Roland Cube 15x, or the Vox Valvatronix(sp).
I personaly like the Vypyr most, and it is about $50 cheaper. If you can stretch your budget to $200 you can get the 30w.

The Roland Cube 15x sucks, imo. The Cube series starts out brilliantly with the micro, then drops majorly in quality up to the Cube 30 where it gets great again. My opinion is based on features and price, as well as tone. No clue why, but the tone of the 15 and 20 just suck compared to the others.

Although I have never tried the Peavey. Look at all the options on the panel... must try.
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Get a 15w Peavey Vypyr, youll flip.


They sound so good for a smaller amp, and they're nice and affordable. I've got a 10w MG, it's okay for practising, but i'd never have bought it if i didn't have a separate pedal for the overdrive channel.
If you get a 30w vypyr, you can get teh foot switch, allowing you to activate the looper, control the Pitch Shifter, switch presets, and (I think) control the Wah.
if you want a basic one with just distortion and delay get a fender frontman. my 25 is only 125 brand new
I would keep playing what you have and save up a bit more to get into slightly better quality. Few amps under 200 bucks are going to be THAT much better sounding than what you have now. When you have 300-500 you open up a whole world of better options.
the microcube is the best amp Ive bought so far, I traded my combo for it. great tone, plenty loud enough