I'm looking into a new guitar and want an asymmetrical V like the Jackson RR24, except I'd like to have the neck pickup and a better finish, like the amfisound routa v's or ESP SV's. Also it need to be under $1500.
RR3 is a surprisingly good guitar for the price, before you sniff your nose up. Then spend the rest on a good amp. Other Jackson RR models are cool too, and have some nifty splash finishes and all that.

OR, Esp Alexi models, for that price (Does that only have one pup? I can't remember)
Look into it, brah.
there was a thread almost exactly as this one yesterday...
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its not asymmetrical, but the Schecter Hellraiser V is good. EMG's in it, 81/85 I believe

schecters are terrible

if you have teh money get a RR24 they are flawless.
I agree, the Jackson RR3 is a great guitar. Spend the other money on an amp and new pickups as the stocks are Seymour Duncan and don't really match what you can freely get on the market. I.E. DiMarzio, EMG and the like.
RR3's are nice, but the extra 2 frets would also be nice, the pick guard is a bit ugly, the output jack is on the lower wing(making it less comfortable to sit with), and I'd need to replace the stock pick ups, and a LFR. I've played on RR3's and think there not bad, but the little things I've mentioned add up to be an annoyance. I just bought a new amp thats good, specifically the JSX 212 combo so I'm fine right now for amps.
You want 24 frets on a V, the upper fret access is the main reason to buy them.
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Jizzam. You can get it cheaper if you just want silver or black, in which case you could also afford a nice amp. I think you'd find it more comfortable on your lap than a Jackson RR.
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