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burstbucker pro
2 50%
2 50%
Voters: 4.
questions a little vague
we need to know what guitar theyd potentially be going in, amp, music style

Burstbuckers (I have a set) will give you warm balanced clean tones and classic Les Paul distortion, theyre replicas of 59 hums.
Dimarzios might not sound as good clean, but if youre into heavy distortion and high output, they might be better for you.

Thats all I can say without knowing the info I listed above about your gear
A friend of mine has an Epi SG (Samick era so really good) that we upgraded with a burstbucker pro in the neck position and a dirtyfingers in the bridge. That guitar sounds fantastic; that's the mix I'd suggest to you if you've got that kind of $$$.

If not the Dimarzio are a much better value.