Hello, I have been playing guitar, acoustic/electric for about 2 years. I have just recenltly developed the ability to sing and play at the same time, but I have no knowledge of any kind of audio setup for vocals. Obviously I will need a microphone, but beyond that I do not know what kind to buy, or in what way to project the sound that is coming from it to a speaker.

I am curious about 2 different setup types, first what would I need to get for a small room type of setup, where it would be just me playing either acoustic or electric, with a mic for small room.

The second would be, what kind of vocal setup would be able to go along with a few other people playing and the addition of drums.

Thanks in advance for the help!
If you want to play alone, a keyboard amp. But if you want to play with a drummer and all that, get a PA System (Pro Audio System).
Lol, pretty sure it's Pro Audio (at least that's what musicians friend is saying), but you might be right, it could mean that also.
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^good point.

I thought PA stood for Public Address?

You're right.