I'm just curious as to how many of the pit goers have tried Abita Beer. For those who dont know its brewed in Louisiana. And if you have tried it name your favorite kind, mine would have to be either Amber or Turbodog Ale.
I've tried Purple Haze and Turbodog... Hard to say which I liked better but they were both very good. I've never seen turbodog in my area though (Northern VA)
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the reason i ask this is because this weekend in baton rouge they are having $1 dollar Abita in 6 different bars from 5-10 its gonna be amazing
I wish Abita beers were that cheap here.
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they usually arent this is just a one time thing. or at least this is the first time they've done it
my fav i have had just passing through LA would have to be the Andy gator, the Amber and Jackamo IPA( india pale ale) ..very tastey from what i remember
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