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I need bands to fall asleep to, they have to be chill enough to not keep me up but loud enough, and consistent enough to drown out my roomates' snoring, and long enough songs that when my mp3 player stops I'm not re-awakened by his snoring. For instance, most classical music doesn't work because there are too many dynamic shifts, and stuff like Elliot Smith or the shins don't work because 1)too soft, and 2) they don't have a song over 5 minutes. I've been listening to Pink floyd's animals and wish you were here, but i can only put those two albums on re-run so many times before i need something new.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
pink floyd is what i listen to and power ballads from like 80s bands is what i listen to and acoustic stuff
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Bob Marley
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Sigur ros

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I actually have to agree, though it's not what the dude is looking for. It's what I do though.

Either Opeth or Dimmu Borgir.. sometimes Dream Theater
I've recently been going to sleep to mogwai, porcupine tree, and opeth's album damnation. You should try those all out if you haven't already, especially mogwai.
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I was just about to say that.

Just find some songs that are really long and perhaps even a little repetitive.
Modest Mouse
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Tangerine Dream....their stuff is far out, and it can put you into a sleep like trance
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Sigur ros


this will destroy you
explosions in the sky
godspeed you! black emperor
emily barker
jacob's stories

TWDY would be my number one.
thanks, especially the post-rock and pyschadelic stuff. I love modest mouse but it's too dynamic, and not long enough. Every time they go to a soft part of the song my roommate's snores just bore's terrible. But yeah, thanks.
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Children Of Bodom
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The Beta Band - 3 eps
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The Books.
Moving Mountains
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1. the honorary title
2. robert johnson
3. One for the Team
4 trans-siberian orhestra
Sigur Ros
Iron and Wine
Fleet Foxes
Rilo Kiley
The Beatles
Jack Johnson

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Devin Townsend's ambient stuff, and even some songs from Ocean Machine or Terria
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Miles Davis - Kind of Blue
Fleet Foxes

I would agree with you (I personally fall asleep to "Sketches of Spain"), but the thing about kind of blue is that the bass, piano, and drums are so quiet when compared to the trumpet, that when you do turn it up high enough to hear them, when Miles comes in, you wake up immediately
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the album "In a Silent Way" by Miles would be my pick outta his peaceful its ridiculous.
'Music is the best"
I put "Fjotavik" by Sigur Ros on loop.

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your a fucking retard i know how sinister is spelled but that is not how he spells his stage name it is synyster

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Swell Season/Glen Hansard
Damien Rice
Iron & Wine
some Death Cab for Cutie (The Plans album is pretty mellow)
Belle and Sebastian
Basically indie.
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I usually listen to The Beatles, since my dad's a BIG fan, I pretty much grew up on them. I also listen to KISS, the gold album especially, Cannibal Corpse and other Death Metal sometimes... early Pantera, pre-Phil Anselmo, Johnny Cash, The B-52's, AC/DC, Aerosmith, Black Sabbath, Chuck Berry, Tenacious D, and Jimi Hendrix are my favorites to fall asleep to.
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Moving Mountains

Nicely done.

Library Tapes
Brightblack Morning Light
Boards of Canada
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Children Of Bodom

Hahaha agreed lmfao.

No but I'd say probably Oasis, Smashing Pumpkins, The Verve... and of course Pink Floyd if you're looking for something chill.
Kings of Convenience is my go to band when it goes to sleep music. All of their songs are pretty chilaxed, because they are mostly an acoustic band. I absolutely love them and there music and voices are absolutely chilling.
Maybe Jack Johnson is a good Artist to fall asleep to. If you like pop these guys are ok.
Also, Buckethead's Colma and Electric Tears albums are fantastic
And i often listen to The Cranberries.
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it's all coming back

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