Hey UG

I am 13, and for school we are having a big party on thursday!
Some people will make a play, other will paint and so on.
But I will be playing in a little school band!
I will be playing the drums (flameshield up) and this is my first "gig",
if you can call it that We will be playing 5 songs, and I have about
a week to learn them We'll be playing:
Summer of 69' - Bryan Adams
Nothing Else Matters - Metallica
This Is My Life - Gasolin
Can't help falling in love with you - Elvis Presley
.. and one more song. Tomorrow I will know the last song
But I'm pretty excited though, so wish me luck (;
Tips and trick would be appreciated!
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practice, hard. 5 songs in a week is tough for me, and ive been playing drums for 4 years. Make sure you at least have the timing down and the basis of the beats in each song...if worse comes to worse, you'll at least be able to improvise if you have these things down, and I doubt many people will be able to tell the difference.
Good Luck.

For future reference, don't throw your age into the equation, it means nothing to us. You could have been playing drums for 11 of those 13 years. Just don't do it, it's extremely pointless and irritating.

Incidentally, being that you only have a week to learn these 5 songs, don't get into tips and tricks. The biggest tip from me is learn the goddamn songs properly. Thats the trick. If you pull it off, heck you may even have a band at the end of it.