I have been searching for one of these for some time now. heres how the story goes. I received one from my father when I was 13 for my birthday. I kept the guitar in mint conditoon for many years. I had some finacial issues come up and had to pawn it off. It was heartbreaking cause I really didn't want to get rid of it. Now I am trying to find one in mint or realy close to mint condition. I found a couple pics of some but none for sale. Please contact me with any you may have. I don't have a endless amount of money but am willing to work something out.
Thank You
Jason Harmon

I have attached a pic of one I found to show what the one I want looks like.
gtx pic.jpg
wow when i was reading i thought the guitar would look gay but its actaully really nce... no wonder u want it back.. try ebay?