as the title says really! dont know too much about amps really, but i play punk and metal, a lot of drop c/d tuned songs. any recommendations? also this is only really for use in my bedrooom, so nothing too big and loud!cheeeers
if it's *only* for your bedroom, and you don't play too-heavy metal, maybe something like a cornford harlequin? (you'd have to go second hand, but you should get it for a good bit less than your budget, about £300-£400)

EDIT: oh yeah, martamp makes a small low-wattage tube amp too at that price, it actually should be under budget (though it may go a little over budget if you need the 1x12 version). haven't tried it, but hear good things- on the website it says it can hit modern metal too. www.martamp.co.uk would be worth a look, at least- and can have power scaling fitted too, which may be worth considering, though that'd likely put it over budget a bit.
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