Hey, I'm looking for information on a type of pedal because frankly I'm not even sure it exists.

I'm looking for a pedal that doesn't simulate but IS actually a wah pot and circuit in a stompbox casing.

I would like one of these to have the full sweep of the wah but in a fixed position without the hassle of a wah pedal with a rocker.
(ex : The Michael Schencker midrange tone in a stompbox)

Its kinda like a filter pedal without the sweep (wooshing sound)

I'd like to know basic information you would have on pedals such as the brand, cost and controls.....or even just a simple link would be the hotness.

Please dont refer me to a auto-wah pedal as I want just a simple pedal with that 1 specific control. (Dont want a super expensive auto-wah just for 1 simple use, I dont to spend more money then I have too.)

Thanks in advance fo any information and/or time.
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I do'nt really understand what your asking for, is it a filter modeller sort of pedal? Look at the Line6 FM-4, see what you think.
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''Well, I'm sure I'd feel much worse if I weren't under such heavy sedation'' David St. Hubbins-Spinal Tap
You want a wah, but without the foot control? So you can set a specific position in the sweep with, say, a knob? Seriously, just re-house a standard wah into a small aluminium casing, it will be an easy job, and you'll have a cool customised (in a sense...) pedal!

You could even include other things, say an LED indicator. Just talking about it makes me want to build a pedal. Shame I'm at uni at the moment
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I've heard of Slash doing something similiar. I remember watching an interview with his guitar tech and he talked about some kind of pedal that gave "a half-cocked wah" sound. I forget what it was though...
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