I am writing a song called 'Acid Rain', an instrumental, and decided to do some improv over the simple rhythm track. I've been playing about 11 months, so I'm not certain it's really all that great. I know some of the playing isn't as smooth as it needs to be, but this is my first recorded improvisation. I've just learned to improvise recently, and thought I'd give it a go. Please offer some constructive criticism. Praise it, hate it, love it, it's all fine by me. I would definitely like some feedback though. There is no drum track because I have not done one for the actual instrumental yet. This is just an improv, so I figured I didn't need to bother with drums. The song is in my profile.

Thank you ^^
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i think it was a good start really. i dont remember what stage i was at when i had been playing just a year - but i think it sounds like you've got a good base to work from.

so, advice (mostly opinion - ignore where apropriate)

id work on bends - some of them didn't hit the note, if you work on getting them right then i think you'll have a good sound

listen a little more to how the track changes. in some places, you went up and the track went down, and though that can sound good, it sounded out of key to me - others may feel differently, im not the greatest with this sort of thing - bt to me it sounded disjointed

see if you can have something you come back to - like a lick or something. this makes it sound a little more like a song, and gives it something that you can say - ah yeah, the main riff - that was cool. also helps people remember things.

i would also advise changing it up a little. like have a section where you do one thing, and a section where you do something else. it doesn't have to be strict as such, but it gives it a different sound, as opposed to a similar sort of thing the entire way through - this might just be a case of playing a chord here and there to make one bit sound chunky, or switching to a different pickup - but its something i would advise

biggest tip of all? lay off the gain. in this clip it was just too much - not because i think hot pickups are the devils work or anything, but you lost all definition of your sound, and it makes it sound like your playing through a long tunnel with jelly on the walls. (unless your american when i mean jello - i think) i would advise turning the gain down, and the volume up to get a better distorted sound.

i dont want it to sound like its bad though - like i say its a great start - i like the fact that you changed the speeds of what you were doing a lot, so it had some interesting moments, but by the same standard, i feel the above may be something to think about. of course its your song, and your playing, so dont feel pressured to take any advice you dont like
Thank you for all those tips : ). I will definitely take your advice and use it in all my future compositions.

My bends turn out funny a lot, my friend tells me. Lol, Full bends on my high E and b strings for some reason are difficult to pull off. The string seems like it doesn't want to bend at all. On my friend's guitar, bends are so easy to pull off. I may need to adjust my guitar a bit....I don't know. Any advice?

The gain was a fuzz pedal, and I never meant to use it, I had it on when I began playing by accident, so I just went with it.

It was my first improvisation, and the reason I posted it was more or less to get some feedback from UGers on what to fix and what to work on. You delivered ^^. Thanks : )
your more than welcome, i'm just glad you found some use in it - im suprised more people didn't offer some advice tbh though.

strangely ive always found it harder to bend on the high strings - i think its something to do with it cutting into my fingers a little. i never fully get used to it. as far as the issue with your goes - i dont know for sure, it could be a number of things really - i would always advise having a full setup if you dont already - it improves on a lot of things.

if this doesn't help - new strings, could be higher or lower gauges, raising/ lowering the action (which would probably be covered in the setup.) it could also be something to do with the frets - i have jumbo frets on my jackson, and things are really easy to bend - but on a guitar i used to have with vintage small frets, it just didn't bend the same.

the fuzz pedals are prety cool, and if you like the tone then thats down to you - a different tone can help to define your sound, but i found it a little excessive for the song.

i hope you keep playing and practicing though - you have a great start there