Is it stupid to shove your pick in between your guitar boyd and the pick guard? Seems like it would raise the pickup a little since the pickup in the neck is screwed to the pickguard (strat style)

Maybe stupid question, i just like the convenience, and noticed it was raising the pickup
There's these things called frets, above them are strings. Place your pick between those two objects. Voila.


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Well I do it on my bass, and it doesn't raise the pickup. I use the bottom horn part though, so it's not really close to the pickup. Try putting your picks down there.

Oh, and you fellas that are saying it should go in your strings, that doesn't work when you're playing live and need somewhere to stash picks (and you don't have a mic stand, and you're not retarded enough to actually put one of those plastic pick holders on your guitar). The pickguard is a great place for pick storage on stage.
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Not a stupid question, it just looks stupid when you have a pick under your pickguard. Unless of course you have a 12 inch mohawk and wear Chuck Taylors and a Biker jacket.
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I think he's talking about WHILE he's playing, as in placing extra picks between the body and pick guard.

It's fine. Many guitarists do it.
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sure, but you just need a screw driver.

a) raise the pick guard so you can fit it without flexing the plastic,
b) lower the pickup with the screwdriver.
i just get some double sided tape and put some on the side of the headstock, or i just stick them in the truss rod cover on my other guitar.
just place the tip of the pick under and it should work look at any tomi iommi video because he always has that on his sg
Pickguards are for P*****s and plus why do that when you can hold it in the strings

EDIT: If you are talking about WHILE you're playing than why not just use a screwdriver and raise them normally without having to shim them?
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doublesided tape "under" the guitar
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Thx fellas - I was just throwing it out there to see if you guys do it as well -