I've got an Epiphone SG and have gone through various string gauges trying to get them to tune in nicely on my guitar. They won't go into standerd tuning they either get too tight and gets all high-pitched or too low. I just bought 8 to 38 super slinkys thinking they would fit as the 10 to 46 and 9 to 42's wouldn't go into tune. Is there something i'm doing wrong? I wrap the string round the nut 2-3 times then put the string through the hole.
There is so much that goes into having a guitar play in tune properly... nut height, nut slots, fret levels, bridge height, saddle position, struss rod adjustments, tuners, pickup height, etc... get it set up by a professional and ask what he did to fix it.
It doesn't take a lot of tension to tune! Are you sure your not an octave to high? That would be my guess as to where your problem may lie.

Also Youtube has some great vids on how to properly restring.
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I think his problem may be wrapping the strings around the post before putting it in the hole.

Start with the holes in the tuning post perpendicular to the nut of the guitar.

Starting with the low e(thickest string), put the string on all the way through the tuning post
Pull the tension out, then pull it back out the distance of the nut to the 1st fret.
Take the loose end of the string by the tuning post, bend it sharply up. Then........
Holding the string in place aroung the post, begin winding in the appropriate direction.

From lowE-high back the string out a little extra with each string. I back out the lowE about 1 fret, strings a,d,g,b between 1 and 2 frets, and high e(thinnest) about 2 frets
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Use this winding method to lock the strings on the tuner posts...


that's similar to how the d'addario video is ^ but I find the fewer the wraps the better... makes it so much easier to keep in tune... I restrung my guitar last night (along with polished the fretboard, fine tuned the truss rod) with only 1 maybe 1.5 wraps on all the posts... I took it out this morning.... perfectly in tune. Not bad for new strings huh. Been playing all day testing out a new pedal (HARDWIRE DL8) and it's still in perfect tune.
Put the string through the hole BEFORE you start wrapping it. Keep your strings tight while you're winding them.
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I wrap the string over the peg before feeding the end through, it has not caused me any problems and should not have caused him any problems.
It is likely your intonation bud... My old strat, which really didn't sound good before, (I got a Les Paul and havn't really looked back) I adjusted my intonation correctly and it sounded MUCH better. It really got punchy and clean. However, my Les Paul is still better. It not only has the punch, but an oh-so satisfying crunch. I can't really explain how to do that correctly with out writing an essay, so pm me if you want my full help. Btw, I use .10 gauged strings on my Les Paul, it's perfect for my sound.
Shouldn't matter too much on what gauge string you're using... I can get my guitar in tune with whatever strings I put on... usually 9s these days (they still sound bright even after losing their brightness...actually then they sound perfect).
Well sometimes your intonation needs fixing when switching string gauges. I know that my old strat needed to be adjusted.
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Well sometimes your intonation needs fixing when switching string gauges. I know that my old strat needed to be adjusted.

Yes what he said... I suppose I shoulda clarified that in my other post. I check my intonation EVERY time I put new strings on.
Lol okay. Btw Tubeampguy, could you please take a look at my thread in this same section called Okay guys, I need an amp, NAO! I need help on getting a new amp lol