I'm looking for, as the title may suggest, a tighter tone from my Bugera 6260. In the style of BFMV type distortion. My current settings are:


Playing through a Jackson performer with stock passive pickups.

Much thanks.
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Go with Ibanez...Or if you're going high-end, get a Jackson.
You can start by backing off the bass a little and adding a tiny bit of treble and mids....eventhough you already have a decent amount of mids. If not, check out a EQ?
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A 7-band EQ and/or a TS in front of their will tighten her right up
I'd try bumping up the presence some, and maybe lowering the treble to compensate if necessary. Like bowen suggested, a boost of some sort would help alot.
Alright, thanks. I'll try those.
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Quote by JagerSlushy
Go with Ibanez...Or if you're going high-end, get a Jackson.
The three things worth bothering with are an OD, an EQ or a set of pickups with a tight bass such as a DiMarzio D-Sonic.

A cheap OD and EQ are the Digitech Bad Monkey and Danelectro Fish 'N' Chips; favourites in the VK thread. If you're more money I'd opt for a Digitech Hardwire Overdrive or an MXR ten-band EQ.
get an (at least 7 bands) eq.

Scoop the bass out.

Bass may sound nice and round if you play on ur own, but the reason why it doesn't sound muddy in bands you like, is because their bass is all scooped out.

the bass player covers this whole area.

Low mids
is where it's at.

Lo-mids = heavy sound
Bass = heavy sound + mud.

if ur EQ has band frequencies on it, scoop below the 250+/- Hz. Not everything, a bit is good, it must cut off quite natural, and not have an entire band of frequencies missing.

Also lower the gain to the point where the sound isn't "Smooth" anymore, and then bring it back up slightly again.

Soloing will not go as smooth, but the "chugga chugga" on riffs become sooo much clearer.

Here's the reason why people get fooled in that metalbands have sick amount of bass;

| b | Lo  |       |      |
| a | mid |  Mid  |Treble|
| ss|     |       |      |
|  bass |  mid  | treble |

bass/mid/treble is the frequency response of a typical basic 3 band amp eq. (amp knobs)

The bass or "Low" knob on ur amp ads bass to the tone + the low mids. So indeed ur sound gets to the "metal" sound", but it also add whoopy low end (bass) region.

A 7 + band equalizer usually has a knob/fader for the low mids only so you still get that heavy metal low end, without the "Whoop".

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Gain: 5.5
Bass: 5
Mid: 3
Treb: 4.5

Pres and Resonance to add seasoning.

Those bugera's are peavey rip offs, as we all know, and 5150's have ridiculous midranges.
Despite what my sig says, I keep my 5150's mid knob at 0.7 and it's crystal ****ing clear, growly and punchy as ****. Not even joking.

These are pretty close to the settings Colin Richardson posted on the Sneap Forum a while back for Scream Aim Fire, so work from there.