So im plannin on buyin a new electric guitar but i need some suggestions!!

I play a wide range of music Heavy Metal,Hard Rock,Punk,Alternative,Grunge and some Blues.

I'm lookin for something with humbuckers,NO tremolo and good for distortion.
It also needs to be durable is il be playin live with it!

As money is tight,max budget is roughly 250-300 euros

I was thinkin of buyin a Peavey Rotor EX(Read some good reviews on it) for 250 and fittin new humbuckers in it witch will match my budget!!

Im open to all suggestions so please help me out here!!
Tokai SG or Les Paul should do the trick.
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not quite sure how much 250-300 euros is, but a used Gibson SG Faded is around $500 Us dollars.
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That one should work for your styles of music. It's also a good instrument for modding later, because the core of it (woods and general construction) are well above average in it's price range. The neck is a typical Ibanez shred neck. I find it quite comfortable, but you'll need to check if you like it, of course.