Since the pit specializes in many things and included in that is weird/strange and often repulsive things.

I am in need of an article to write about and state my opinions and blah blah blah. Most of the students do some mediocre stories like recent ones were about like the election or gas prices, things of that nature.

So I normally try to look and find an interesting/strange or whatever story to change things up because its boring to hear 20 presentations of just the same news story over and over. I am having a hard time finding one this week so far and I would like to ask the people of the pit to help me in finding these obscure articles, kind of like the ones I see posted here all of the time.

So pit, how bout it?
The Degeneration of the music industry.
Trafficking of women

to name a few...
🙈 🙉 🙊

you will find some coolio news stories
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Do a report on the effects of internet forums to people's perception of what is real and true.

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Oh I forgot to mention, the reason why i'm having some trouble is because they have to be relatively recent.
Billy Powell died?

it's on the front page, maybe look into that and write about how many legendary musicians of the era are getting to that age where they all start dieing off
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