Anyone remember reading about the Death tribute CD that was in the making about 5 years ago? It had James Murphy, Deron Miller from CKY, King Diamond, etc. I haven't heard anything about it in such a long time, I wonder if it's still in the works.
I've heard every Death song and love each of them, I was just wondering what became of this project.
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Hopefully it was buried in Oblivion.
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Do you folks like folk?
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Hopefully it was buried in Oblivion.

I admit I'm a fan of CKY (mostly Deron's riffs), but they are nothing compared to deron's earlier work. the band is called Foreign Objects, and if you can get a hold of their EP "The Undiscovered Numbers & Colors," you will be amazed.
heh...i used to check james forum and site so eagerly for updates on this project
it was supposed to come out years ago, i guess it got buried in countless of other projects and probably other personal/medical **** in his life
he had so many musicians already recorded and had a mobile studio set up too
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