So I have my amp plugged into the mic jack (laptop don't got a "line in" specifically) via 1/8 inch adapter and always at about 20-30 seconds into the recording the sound quality goes all to **** and the recording loses a great deal of volume. I have tried this out on two different kinds of software and I get the same problem.

My guess would be the mic jack? I dunno I can't hear any quality or volume lose while I record it...only on playback do I hear the problem....I turn to those with greater knowledge of this for answers.
Recording stuff is alway at least 50% less good than ''live''. Make sure to put your mic at 2 inch from the center of your amp. Otherwise idk, laptop mic aren't suppose to be good so buy a better one... Maybe your software which one you use?

Hope that help
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He said he plugs directly into from the amp, so the problem lies either with in your computer, your cables, or your amp. Try plugging your amp into a dif. pc if you have one, and also make sure your cables arent going to hell like most of mine are. Other than that its your adapter, or your input line. I doubt its the software.
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