The delay pedal they have, because I've been looking for one, and I've tried a few digital ones (DD-7 and DD-20), and I somewhat disliked the digital sounds, I've heard this is an analog pedal and that its pretty good, I've listened to some samples and they sound nice, but I want a opinion from someone thats used one of them.
I haven't used one but if you're looking for a delay longer than one second, forget about analog. There's no analog delay capable of more than one second (unless you look into like handbuilt stuff which is exorbitantly expensive) Also, tap tempo with an analog delay is impossible.
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I'v got one, very smooth, versatile, solid, reliable.
The mod switch is so subtle, i know it can be changed, but still, you have to listen hard.
Worth the money.
I have it and I love it. It's very versatile, and has a few cool features
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Very nice pedal, I'm planning on getting one soon. At first I was also looking at boss and other digital pedals and then I tried this. It's much more "natural" than a digital and the 600ms of delay time is just what I need.
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I love mine. You can do some really cool stuff with it. God, I'm really starting to advocate this pedal.
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i bought one then returned it for the digitech hardwire delay which is digital, but has an analog mode on it that sounded just like the carbon copy side by side and this hardwire had a tap tempo, and much more features for the same price. check it out =)