Hey guys. ive been playin guitar for a few months. i was wondering what a good song for me to learn is. i mostly play heavy stuff. avenged sevenfold, as blood runs black, as i lay dying, trivium, lamb of god, children of bodom, all that remains, ill play metallica depending on what song. but i cant really play any fast solos. i was wondering, whats a good song for me to learn thats not too hard?
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Seek and Destroy?

Is that what you mean?
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Learn a Sonic Syndicate song, they're pretty bitchin'
...and if you don't know them, Youtube can of course enlighten you
i know who sonic syndicate is lol. they own.
and sorry but i know like all those despisedicon. theyre a good band too lol
For Whom The Bell Tolls is a slower Metallica song without a solo. Well, it has a soloish thing, but not a typical Metallica solo.
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Learn a Sonic Syndicate song, they're pretty bitchin'
...and if you don't know them, Youtube can of course enlighten you

I wouldn't reccomend Sonic Syndicate at all. I like them, but they are basically an alternative rock band that has some screamed lyrics.

Their guitar is simply power chord progressions, nothing like the metal/core songs that the original poster listed.

90% of Sonic's leads are electronic, most likely performed by a synth keyboard. You could try and tab out the lead and just transcribe it for guitar, but transcribing songs is hard to do when you don't have much experience.
good point. i might try for whom the bell tolls. ive heard the trivium version and its kind of all right. might learn some more all that remains though
If you are not already doing it, take the time to do some of the basic "correct lesson'' postings in the lesson part of the UG website. Use a metronome and do like 15-20 minutes of warm-up with them at least a few times aweek. You will be amazed on how much faster you get in a short period.


Pick any of the 9+ rated ones, do at least one of them once a day for 30 minutes, and you will be AMAZED on how much better and faster you get. It is kind of boring to do, but the results are well worth it. I have been playing guitar on-and-off for 20 years, and noticed a huge improvement in my speed and accuracy after doing these types of exercises for just a couple weeks. I am now able to play stuff that I could never quite play right in the past. I could fake it and get an approximation of what I wanted to play, but after doing these exercises I noticed I was nailing the same songs I had always slurred through.
For basic riffs, you could try the intro to Dying in Your Arms by Trivium, or the intro to Beast and the Harlot.

After you get those two down, and you want to try something more difficult, try the opening electric guitar riff for Strength of the World by A7x.