I recently required an Ibanez RG and I'm super into the locking bridge on it.

However, I don't have any experience with using locking bridges. Yesterday I was trying to tighten the strings at the bridge and accidentally loosened some of them so they popped out.

I put the strings back into the thing at the bridge and tightened 'em up.
Now it is restrung and back in tune.


The strings feel loose now and I'm very uncomfortable playing with them.
Also, the low E string hits the pickups whenever I dive-bomb.

If the strings are in tune, you can't tighten the strings, can you?
If you can, I'd like to know how.

Thanks in advance,
you loosen the strings a bit, then take off the back, and tighten the springs =P
i think.
DoubleyouW has it right, just unscrew the back cover, adjust the screws pointing toward the neck (not too much in either direction!).

If the action is too low, and the bridge looks like it's getting sucked into the cavity behind it, loosen the springs. If the action's too high, and the bridge is sticking up, tighten the springs to pull the bridge down. This'll throw off your tuning, though, and you'll need to start over. It's a long, ridiculous, tiring, trial-and-error process, but once you're done and locked up, you're set to go until you break a string.

Good Luck.
If the guitar needs a set up then I'd take it to a guitar tech and have it done properly. It's worth it in the long run. Once that's sorted and you next need to restring I'd set aside about 2 hours so you can give the neck a good rub down with lemon oil while the strings are off. You'll need to keep retuning the guitar for ages as the new strings start to bed in and it can be a real pain as you get the 6th string tuned and then by tuning the 5th string, the 6th string goes out and you have to start again. It's a painstaking process; this is why I use Elixir strings! Once it seems fairly settled, leave the locking bolts off ovenight and then retune the next day before finally applying the locking nuts. You may find that after a few days it will need to be retuned to remove the locking nuts and start again. Finally, reapply the nuts and that should be you for months. Any retuning after that will only be minor and should be done usinmg the fine tuners on the bridge. If you've done all this correctly you'll find the guitar will rarely need retuning after that. I put my last set of Elixir strings on about 4 months ago and it still sounds great and in that time I've only had to retune it twice. That is the main reason I use a locking bridge as I don't actually use the Floyd that much.
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thanks for the helpz. i may take it to guitar center if i can't get it the way i like it. assuming that guitar center offers those kind of services, which i dont know.