I'm having a very strange problem with noise. The sound itself is like a hideous mixture of 60 cycle hum, buzzing, and crackling.

The weird thing is that it seems to come and go. Sometimes it's unbearable, sometimes it's not there at all.

It's a lot worse through an amp, but it is slightly present even with just the guitar going into a computer. It also happens with both of my guitars.

I've tried changing the cables, which didn't do anything.

I would think that this would be caused by the guitars receiving some kind of interference or something, but they only have humbuckers, so shouldn't this be impossible?

Has anyone experienced something like this?

Could shielding help?
um i got the same prob its the underneath of the hum bucker is really close and hits the side it happens when you hit reall bassy notes like Em

take the plate off check that these two wires are secured.

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If it does it with both guitars, its likely something in your room/house causing it. Computers, TVs, light dimming switches can all cause these effects.