This is a simple little thrash song I thought up and I want to know, what riff should I use for a solo. The solo won't be anything special just like a repeated string of high notes, like the ones in lamb of god songs clean and atmospheric type things. I just want to know should I use one of the three riffs, or come up with a breakdownish riff for it.
I like the main riff, it's pretty cool and thrashy. But it repeats to much at the end. As for the other riffs, they dont seem...organized. If that makes sense. They don't flow to well.

It definitely needs a slower "breakdown" riff. But, it wouldn't be called a breakdown since those are only real common in metalcore. As for the solo rhythm, should just be a different riff all together. None of them are great to solo over.

But overall it's a good song, just needs revision and to be finished.