I have just very recently discovered Indie, so I was wondering if some of you guys could turn me onto some mainly acoustic Indie artists.
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Elliot Smith - "Either/Or"
Jeff Buckley - "Grace"

Both excellent albums.


And check out Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly.
Fleet Foxes.

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the recently did a myspace secret show in chicago, and i hear it was amazing.
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Bon Iver
Blitzen Trapper
Chuck Ragan
The Coast (Kind of)
Damien Rice
Danbert Nobacon
The dodos
Doug Burr
Elliot Smith
Fleet Foxes
Frightened Rabbit (Sometimes)
Jeff Buckley
John Butler
Leonard Cohen
Neil Young
Neutral Milk Hotel
Olivia Tremor control
Okkervil River
Sun Kil moon
The Tallest Man on Earth
Thurston Moore (His solo album)
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Fuzz Face
Zakk Wylde Wah
Old Crow Medicine Show!!!
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