I searched and found an Anti-Flag thread of a large amount of replies, but it just seemed like it became more of a spam thread than one about the discussion of the band itself, so I made a new one.

They definitely seem to be a love or hate band. I don't mind their music, but I believe their lyrics are very hypocritical...there are a few less political songs on their newest album though.
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they seem kind of fake. its like they are trying so hard to be hardcore punk but their music could easily be an avril lavigne song.
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Not a very good political band. Disgrace to the genre.

how are they a disgrace?

they are a great political band like almost all there songs are about politics
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Band Sucks Lolololol I'mma Spammin' Up Your Thread With The Truth
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Uhh, ****ign ressurrect the old f*cking thread. I hate people using god dman excuses about them not wanting to ressurrect a god dman thread.