Razia's Shadow is ****ing amazing. They are one of the only good bands still on FBR. I'm not a fan od P!ATD at all, but Brendon's part on this album is one of my favorites.
Razia's Shadow was pretty terrible.

Wonderland on the other hand was a pretty decent album.
ive only heard like one song out of raziahs shadow
but ive heard their other stuff and i really like their music, its always cool to listen to, and not overwhelming
Listening to Wonderland makes me sad that these guys never got more attention. Razia's Shadow didn't even come close to it, and that's all people seem to know. I wish the rest of the band had never left.

Fucking great music.
It weighs itself down under its own pretension, but it has its moments. Still doesn't compare to Wonderland.
After really enjoying Razia's Shadow following a recommendation by dervishguitar in T&C, I've finally picked up a copy of Wonderland - love it.
On a related note, I've made good progress on a transcription of The Great Affair is to Move in between studies, which I'm hoping to have it up some time next week. If anyone is interested in receiving a GP5/GP4/PDF, send a PM my way and I'll pass it over once it's acceptable.
Il Tango, Harry Frazee and For a Dreamer will be the next ones I'll get to work on respectively, unless anybody's up to sway me!


That song has been hell to tab out specifically, those weird chords suck.

Seriously, you're my new favorite person.
Haha, thank you! I'm weighed down with assessments at the moment and haven't had much chance to revise, but would you like me to e-mail you the draft version?
Playing along with the track it sounds fairly accurate, but there are a couple voicings I still need to have confirmed by my tutor. Also, I've transcribed it so that I can play both guitar parts at once for the most part, but I've already started to split them up in a revised version.

EDIT: v Sent your way.
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