Clip-Loks FTW!

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i use the fender looks-like-tweed-but-its-actually-cotton strap with dunlop straplocks which is a grand total of $30. i'm comfortable, safe, and look cool.
Dude, fake tweed!

I've seen those. How strong are the leather ends? They look rather thin, but I really want one for my electric
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I just get a cheap comfy one and put straplocks on the guitar. Thinking of getting a nice new leather one when I get my tele though.

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planet waves nylon
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Just get one that feels comfortable. Looking cool is a bonus. I have a flame-pattern one I got for $5, and I don't want anything else.
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I'd say check out the Planet Waves with the built in strap locks on the ends of them - thats what I use and I love them
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Dimarzio Clip-Lok's are quite comfortable. I've have, or have had, them installed on all the guitar I own/owned.
They tend to be a bit lower than Tom Morello, though... not to where it's damaging your wrists, though. I can set mine to middle abdomen area...

this ^^. cliploks are the only way to go.

but depending on how broad your shoulders are, you can get it higher or lower. I have pretty broad shoulders and i can get it up to the tom morello area.