ok, pretty simple. Just name the guitarist that you think has the best vibrato and why.

My pick would have to be SRV coz of the width and his attack.
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Angus Young and SRV. Oh, and Gilmour.
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Brian May for me
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wasn't this thread done a couple days ago? and the exact same people were mentioned. use the searchbar.
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wasn't this thread done a couple days ago? and the exact same people were mentioned. use the searchbar.

i was just gonna say that
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Angus Young al teh way. angus=
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Paul Gilbert, Norifumi Shima etc.
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Adrian Smith
Marty Friedman
Alex Skolnick
David Gimlour



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David Gilmour
Stevie Ray Vaughan
B.B. King

A lot of blues players really.
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In no particular order;

Steve Vai
David Gilmour
Ry Cooder

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hendrix clearly, its law, enough said.

i do like bb kings because its the same style as mine (vice versa obviouslly).
Marty Friedman
George Lynch
Paul Gilbert
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BB King

Gary Moore


Steve Vai
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Slash has a good ear for vibrato and bending. And Steve Vai is incredible. You seen him do that thing where he rubs his finger in little circles on the neck when he holds a note. Makes it sound more natural I think. And when he uses a little vibrato and takes it further and further until you have this wobbly note screaming at you.
Also, Jeff Beck. He uses his whammy bar to make the vibrato go down rather than up all the time. Makes it sound like a voice.
Paul Kossoff the MASTER.

Gary Moore

Eric Clapton
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Paul Kossoff the MASTER.

Gary Moore

Eric Clapton

I was going to say exactly that.
I can't fucking believe it took this long for those three to be mentioned. Especially the Koss.

And Vai, even if it does look like he's giving a finger job sometimes.
And Satch, because Satriani is awesome and better at everything than everyone.
But really, his vibrato's pretty good.
Carlos Santana has a beautiful vocal like vibrato.

Adrian Smith has that great ragged, wide, slow vibrato which is instantly recognizable if you've listened to alot of Iron Maiden.
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Yngwie Malmsteen, Blues Saraceno, Martin Goulding, Jeff Loomis, Michael Ammott, Paul Gilbert, Andy Timmons, Marco Sfogli.

i'm not familiar with all of those guys, but for the ones I do know, +1

others i can think of, offhand...

gary moore
marty friedman
vinnie moore
guthrie govan
jake e lee
brian may
phil collen
john sykes
nuno bettencourt
reb beach
eric johnson
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Angus Young and SRV. Oh, and Gilmour.

Great choices!

Gary Moore.
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Tough one but i would have to say Eddie Van Halen.

I'll add Slash & Vai as well...
Santana, SRV, Gilmour, Angus Young and Brian May.

Oh and Gary Moore.
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Carmel is hawt
Yngwie has a very distinct, extreme vibrato, sounds awesome imo.

Marty Friedman also has a great vibrato.