hello gentlemen of UG (and gentlewomen). i was feeling rather morose the other day and decided to try and write my mood into a song. it's rather minimalist, but im growing fond of it. have a listen and tell me what you think, it'd be much appreciated. i'll do C4C as well!

it's in my profile and is called "To See You Again." You may have to turn up the volume a little bit.
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I like it. Although I think it might sound a bit better if it was clearer.
Thats pretty good. Just two things: I don't know if it is on distortion or if you are clipping the volume that the mic will stand, but it starts to get "fuzzy" in some places. Also the way it is arranged it is kind of drawn out to where I'll be listening intently but not for the full length of the song. I guess repetitive is what I'm getting at. Otherwise great song and pretty sounding.
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