generally you guys are unreliable for advice but here goes anyway. so back in november my band spent a couple days recording in a studio, dude said he'd cut us a deal on price so we went for it. i'm pretty sure he didn't cut us any deal at all but whatever atleast we got our stuff recorded. well he had to get it mixed down and all that stuff and after the 2nd day of recording we had worked out a verbal deal to trade some tats (our singer is a tat artist) for the mixing work and the dude agreed. well he said he'd have it mixed by mid january and here it is the end of january and he said he needs money so he doesn't want the tat work and now to get our mixed cd we need to fork over another $180. should we pay up or hold him to the original deal?
Well you cant make him do it.
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ALWAYS get things in writing. ALWAYS.

There is absolutely nothing you can do. If you want your cd you have to give him what he wants.
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